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Ken Wohlrob, The Metronome Winds Down

What ITunes Is To Music… by Kevin R. Kosar

I’ve known Ken since—gasp—1989.

He is a man of eclectic interests, including world travel, art, film, music, and campy Mexican wrestling movies.  It seems that each month he is expanding his palate and discovering new things that delight his senses.

Since the late 1990s, he has been working at writing. He began with caustic commentary and humor.  He moved on to short stories two or three years ago. His collection, The Love Book, is a great read that explores and exhibit the title subject’s absurdity, beauty, and sadness.

This past week, Ken published “The Metronome Winds Down.” I really enjoyed it, and I  would like to tell you about it but I can’t do so without spoiling it.  Suffice to say it’s a bit suspenseful.  One aches to learn how things will play out.

I’m elated that he has struck upon clever means for distributing his short stories online.  You, dear reader, may download them in PDF and other formats at, Amazon, and for a measly $2. What a deal—you get an enjoyable story, and you can feel the satisfaction of having supported a writer for the good work he has done.

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