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Remarks on the 40th Anniversary of the Establishment of the U.S. Department of Education: The Transformation of Federal Education Politics

 Source: Kosar remarks start at 29:50. Chris Cross and Ron Kimberling have spoken of the creation of the Department of Education and its earliest years in operation. My own comments will focus on a broader issue of the Department of Education (ED) and the transformation of federal education

Propaganda in the coronavirus era

The White House propaganda has risen to new highs in recent days, as President Trump turns the coronavirus daily briefings into a prime time opportunity to sell himself, replete with videos that double as campaign ads. For his critics, this is the ultimate display of him as a carnival barker,

The Postal Service is in trouble: Here’s one way to get it out

When it comes to the mail, the Covid-19 crisis is catching America in a vise. On one hand, it has revealed just how much we depend on the U.S. Postal Service. It is the lone government agency that visits our homes and businesses on most days, and with stores largely

Congress must be ready for election uncertainty

Recent polls show President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden in a virtual tie in national polls.  State polls show the race as a tossup. Come November, the country may find itself in a situation where neither candidate has sufficient electors (270) to win. This is where Congress comes in…(Read more)

No, Trump is not trying to destroy the Postal Service

Over the weekend, #postalservice began trending on Twitter. That’s weird, seeing as the Post Office is, well, the Post Office. And I say that as someone who has spent 17 years studying postal policy. (Thank you for your sympathy.) The Twitter-steria stemmed from a report that the Trump administration opposed giving the

Could Democrats and Republicans both benefit from bringing back earmarks?

Discussions about bringing back earmarks have flared up on Capitol Hill in recent years. Democrats in particular have expressed interest in reviving procedures whereby members of the House of Representatives could have more power to direct appropriations to specific projects in their home districts. “You just can’t expect somebody over there at

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