Truth and Government’s Complicated Relationship

Note: This lecture was given at the Scrivner Institute of Public Policy University of Denver in April 2019. Good morning. Thank you for having me here.  Quid est veritas: What is truth? Two millennia ago, this important and divisive question was famously raised. Authorities had pulled Jesus of Nazareth before

The Congressional Research Service’s evolving role in oversight

Note: This presentation was delivered at the Oversight Summit convened by the Project on Government Oversight on November 16, 2018. My topic is the Congressional Research Service, which aides oversight in various ways. As a preface I should note that I worked at the CRS from 2003-2014 as a nonpartisan

Fees, fines and penalties: Has Congress lost control of the purse?

Has Congress lost control of the purse by delegating authority to agencies to self-fund theiractivities with fees, fines, and penalties? To answer this question, this paper first begins by reviewing the constitutional provisions andstatutory provisions that required funds collected to be deposited in the Treasury andreappropriated. The paper then tries

The remaking of the mayoral race

The 2021 mayoral race is the most intriguing in recent memory. There is no incumbent candidate, nor anyone who could—or would want to—take up Mayor Bill de Blasio’s torch. The city is in a bad way after suffering pandemic lockdowns, more than 50,000 Covid-19-related deaths, riots, mass unemployment, outmigration, and budget woes.

The Postal Service is a spy-op now

Why is the U.S. Postal Service (USPIS) reading Americans’ social media posts? Now there’s a question for someone to ask Biden administration Press Secretary Jen Psaki. The news broke this week when someone leaked a “Situational Awareness Bulletin” to Yahoo News. Dated March 16, 2021, this two-page “intelligence summary” reported that

When it comes to elections reforms, the left are the ones busting norms

It has become commonplace among the political left to call out the political right for breaking democratic norms. “The Republican Party Is Radicalizing Against Democracy,” as MSNBC’s Chris Hayes recently put it. Their accusations run the gamut. They say Republicans are imposing minority rule by using the filibuster to block

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