Electronic voting machines and their software: Q&A with cybersecurity expert Bryson Bort

The Internet is rife with theories about voting machines and how they can be hacked. Various self-proclaimed smarties about computing have expounded theories as to how the Democrats changed votes. These theories have gotten shared widely online and even have made their way into a few media outlets. The media

House must take the first step to modernize how Congress works

House Democrats soon will meet to organize the chamber for the new session of Congress that starts in January. There are many decisions to be made like deciding who will be the Speaker of the House and who will serve in the other top roles. House Democrats also will scrum

Sad! A brief history of White House propaganda from Teddy Roosevelt to Donald Trump

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, our leaders have had the duty to draw on the government’s public health expertise and vast trove of data on COVID-19 to both explain the threat and teach us practices to diminish the damage it can cause. Instead, President Donald Trump downplayed the

Some thoughts on the 2020 election just two weeks out

The below post is based off remarks delivered to students at Northwestern University on October 19, 2020. I first paid attention to an election and participated in one in 1988—long ago. Every election is different, and the 2000 Gore v. Bush experience was rough. But this autumn’s contests have me

Call it what it is: Propaganda

Three hundred million dollars — that’s how much the Trump Administration intends to spend on an ad campaign to buck up a country that is beleaguered by one of the highest coronavirus death rates in the world. The media blitz planned by the Department of Health and Human Services will

Might Congress enact a compromise to end earmarks as we know them?

For the past several years, there have been murmurings on Capitol Hill about possibly bringing back earmarks. Now it appears possible that the scandal-tainted earmarks of old may never come back. This week, a congressional committee advocated establishing a “community-focused grant program.” It would authorize up to 1 percent of

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