Did states’ 2020 election adaptations during the pandemic affect turnout? A Q&A with Zachary Courser

States adjusted their election administration procedures during the 2020 election in response to the pandemic. Among other adaptions, they expanded the use of absentee ballots, added drop boxes, and instituted various cleaning and social distancing procedures to increase the odds that virus-wary Americans would feel safe casting their ballots. Did

Four things to look for in the upcoming Alaska special election for Congress

Primary season continues, and this Saturday Alaska will hold a special congressional election to fill the seat of the late Don Young (R). He spent 49 years in the House and rarely faced a serious challenger. But this year’s election is different from previous primaries. The state is holding this

DC’s low-turnout, non-inclusive elections need reform

This past week, I filled out my ballot for Washington, D.C.’s June primary elections and mailed it. I did it out of a sense of civic duty not because I am under any illusion that any of my candidates will win in November’s general election. None of them have a

Why more Americans should visit the offices of members of Congress

Recently, I conducted an informal survey. I asked 10 friends and professional colleagues whether they had ever visited the office of their member of Congress. Not a single one of them had. I was not surprised: Until I went to work for Congress in my early 30s, I had not

Why Biden is in danger of replicating Woodrow Wilson’s propaganda machine

In an almost offhand fashion last week, Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told several congressional committees that his Department of Homeland Security had created a new body, the Disinformation Governance Board (DGB). He offered few specifics as to how it was combating disinformation, and few have come since, apart from his meaningless

Why are serious debates in Congress so rare?

The Senate’s recent consideration of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was quite the spectacle. Any American who bothered to tune in to it likely felt dismay. Here was a person being considered for an important position. In any other job interview, there would have been a frank and open dialogue about her credentials

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