Tom Clancy, Steve Pieczenik, and Steve Perry, State of War: Tom Clancy’s Net Force, No. 7 (NY: Berkley Books, 2003)

Not Quite the Cardinal of the Kremlin or The Sum of All Fears , by Kevin R. Kosar, May 15, 2007 Yes, this book has Tom Clancy’s name splashed all over it. No, it’s not written by Clancy; rather, Steve Perry and Larry Segriff appear to have penned it. No

Research Note: 2008 Book On Business Improvement Districts

Jerry Mitchell, Business Improvement Districts and the Shape of American Cities (Albany: State University Press, 2008). Jonathan B. Justice wrote well of this book.  His review provides a summary of the book’s contents. Justice mentions that the book provides an “encyclopedic review of the literature” on business improvement districts (BIDs;

Research Note: 2009 Book on the St. Lawrence Seaway

Claire Puccia Parham, The St. Lawrence Seaway and Power Project: An Oral History of the Greatest Construction Show on Earth (Syracuse University Press, 2009).  The publisher describes it thus: The culmination of a century-long dream to link the Great Lakes interior industrial hubs to the Atlantic Ocean, the St. Lawrence

Research Note: The Charter of the American National Red Cross

A charter is a document of incorporation. In the U.S.A., corporations typically are chartered through states. The Red Cross’s national organization was chartered via federal statute on January 5, 1905. Congress  modified the charter most recently amended the charter in 2007. See  P.L. 110-26, which became law May 11, 2007.

American Foundation for Continuing Education

According to the Syracuse University Library, which holds the papers of the American Foundation for Continuing Education: Beginning in 1947 as the American Foundation for Political Education, this organization developed liberal education materials for study-discussion programs focused on politics, law, and international affairs; helped organizations, agencies, and institutions through consultation,

Research Resource: U.S. Postal Service Statistics on Postage Rates, Employees, and Delivery Points

The U.S. Postal Service’s Historian has produced these data compilations: Rates for Domestic Letters, 1863-2009 (pdf) (rtf) Rates for Domestic Letters, 1792-1863 (pdf) (rtf) Rates for Stamped Cards and Postcards, 1873-2009 (pdf) (rtf) Pieces of Mail Handled, Number of Post Offices, Income, and Expenses, 1789 to 2008 (pdf) (htm) Number

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