Michael J. Neufeld, Von Braun: Dreamer of Space, Engineer of War (NY: Knopf, 2007)

Well Researched, But Not Really a Biography, by Kevin R. Kosar, November 2, 2007 Neufeld should be cheered for the astonishing amount of research he undertook to produce this hefty tome. The author may know more about the history of rocketry than any other person on earth. Yet, I didn’t

Gary Shteyngart, Absurdistan: A Novel (NY: Random House, 2006)

Swung for the Fence but Hit a Flare into Short Right Field, by Kevin R. Kosar, May 15, 2007 During the first third or so of the book, one gets the impression that Shtenyngart is trying to pull off something big, something like Saul Bellow did in The Adventures of

Frederick Reuss: Henry of Atlantic City (MacAdam/Cage,1999)

A Profound and Very Funny Book, by Kevin R. Kosar, October 21, 1999 This is Frederick Reuss second novel and it is spectacular. I don’t often say that about novels. Indeed, a great many novels I find utterly unbearable. So what makes Henry of Atlantic City worthy of such praise?

Joseph Pilates and Judd Robbins, A Pilates’ Primer: The Millennium Edition (Ashland, OH: Atlas Books, 2000)

Good, But Often Hard to Comprehend, by Kevin R. Kosar, October 2, 2006 There are oodles of books out there that claim to teach the reader “pilates” of one sort or another. I was drawn to this text because it was a re-publication of an original manual by Joseph Pilates.

Tom Clancy, Steve Pieczenik, and Steve Perry, State of War: Tom Clancy’s Net Force, No. 7 (NY: Berkley Books, 2003)

Not Quite the Cardinal of the Kremlin or The Sum of All Fears , by Kevin R. Kosar, May 15, 2007 Yes, this book has Tom Clancy’s name splashed all over it. No, it’s not written by Clancy; rather, Steve Perry and Larry Segriff appear to have penned it. No

Research Note: 2008 Book On Business Improvement Districts

Jerry Mitchell, Business Improvement Districts and the Shape of American Cities (Albany: State University Press, 2008). Jonathan B. Justice wrote well of this book.  His review provides a summary of the book’s contents. Justice mentions that the book provides an “encyclopedic review of the literature” on business improvement districts (BIDs;

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