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Remarks on the 40th Anniversary of the Establishment of the U.S. Department of Education: The Transformation of Federal Education Politics

 Source: Kosar remarks start at 29:50. Chris Cross and Ron Kimberling have spoken of the creation of the Department of Education and its earliest years in operation. My own comments will focus on a broader issue of the Department of Education (ED) and the transformation of federal education

Elizabeth Warren declares war on charter schools

Last month, Elizabeth Warren paid a visit to the National Education Association (NEA). She was doing what candidates always do: hunting for votes. So one can understand why she was there and why she wanted to please the union. But her comments on charter schools were an affront to any

The Ocean’s Hot Dog and Brookings Teacher Diversity Study; Fish Porn; Kosar Signs Off

I am running low on laptop battery and conveniently left my charger in Washington, DC. So I will keep this quick. Robert J. Bellafiore takes New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio to task for his retrograde comments about kids who go to charter schools. Is Big Bill pandering to the

More on School Lunches; #PorgyPorn; DC Teacher Union Heads Denounce Walmart for Helping Teachers; Feds Expand Educational Quality through Innovation Partnerships

On Tuesday, I wrote about the school lunch program. What I did not mention is that status of the program’s reform. Legislation has moved this year to amend the program. The Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry unveiled its bill back in January, which makes some adjustments to the school

HEA Rulemaking; Utah Loosens Teaching Occupational Licensure; ICYMI: China and Ed Reform

Care about what institutions’ students can get HEA grants? You know, ones like Pell grants, the Federal Pell Grant program, the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, the Federal Work-Study program, the Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant program, Federal Family Educational Loan Program, and the William

Holt Trolls Johnson on Student Loans; The Daily Caller Trolls Michelle Obama and School Lunches; Turtle Porn

Maybe it is a sign that the Johnson-Weld ticket is serious—or possibly a writer was looking for something to troll. Either way, Johnson gets assailed by Alexander Holt in the Washington Monthly. “Gary Johnson is very confused about student loans”tries to make Johnson look like a policy boob. Granted, Johnson’s

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