Postal Service

The Postal Service is a spy-op now

Why is the U.S. Postal Service (USPIS) reading Americans’ social media posts? Now there’s a question for someone to ask Biden administration Press Secretary Jen Psaki. The news broke this week when someone leaked a “Situational Awareness Bulletin” to Yahoo News. Dated March 16, 2021, this two-page “intelligence summary” reported that

Will Democrats oust the Postmaster General?

President Joe Biden will nominate three individuals to join the Board of Governors of the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). Reportedly, they are Ron Stroman, the former deputy postmaster general; Amber McReynolds, the chief executive of National Vote at Home Institute; and Anton Hajjar, a former general counsel of the American Postal Workers

Why did the U.S. Postal Service’s performance decline last year?

Last week, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hauled Postmaster General Louis DeJoy before it and spent the better part of five and a half hours denouncing him.In part, majority Democrats were politicking — —they rehashed their calumny that DeJoy was a Trumpy mephistopheles who plotted to steal the

Testimony before the House of Representatives on the U.S. Postal Service’s performance and financial condition

I testified before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on February 24, 2021. My testimony may be found here, and the committee video is here.

Senate report fails to clarify why USPS delivery performance dipped

This week, Democrats on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee released a report that hammers Postmaster General Louis Dejoy. The title says it all, “Failure to Deliver: Harm Caused by Louis DeJoy’s Changes to Postal Service Mail Delivery”…. (Read more)

The Post Office’s Secret Weapon to Keep Mail-In Ballots Secure

This year perhaps half the votes cast in November, as many as 60 million ballots, will be requested and cast by mail — more than twice as many as in the 2016 presidential election. This means that the integrity of this election will be in the hands of the U.S.

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