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Colin Dodds, What Smiled At Him

Colin Dodds has produced another fine novel. It comes on the heels of his 2011 novel, Another Broken Wizard.

What Smiled At Him (2012) could well be called Men Without Women Or Direction. It features Marv and Lynn, a pair of late 20-somethings males who living but without much purpose.  Marv is a salesman, Lynn a showman.  One ostensibly has a career, the other clearly doesn’t.  But both have a habit of dodging life’s difficult questions and committing themselves to anything beyond themselves.

And they also share Caroline, a female crazy-maker who re-enters their worlds and pulls them into her depraved and disastrous existence.   What Smiled At Him manages to be somber, colorful, and often guffaw-out-loud funny. It reads fast but is loaded with trenchant observations on modern relationships, growing up, and happiness that will give the reader pause.

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