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When it comes to elections reforms, the left are the ones busting norms

It has become commonplace among the political left to call out the political right for breaking democratic norms. “The Republican Party Is Radicalizing Against Democracy,” as MSNBC’s Chris Hayes recently put it. Their accusations run the gamut. They say Republicans are imposing minority rule by using the filibuster to block

Will Democrats oust the Postmaster General?

President Joe Biden will nominate three individuals to join the Board of Governors of the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). Reportedly, they are Ron Stroman, the former deputy postmaster general; Amber McReynolds, the chief executive of National Vote at Home Institute; and Anton Hajjar, a former general counsel of the American Postal Workers

We deliver for who? USPS financial woes continue; congressional reform unlikely

About $8.8 billion — that is how much the U.S. Postal Service lost in the past year. That is an eye-popping number. The agency is also carrying $11 billion in debt and has more than $120 billion in funded pension and health liabilities. To be sure, some of that deficit

Want to shrink government? Invest in making Congress smarter

Barely one in five Americans approve of the way Congress is operating. It is overwhelmingly clear that Congress needs to do a better job of understanding complex policy issues, being responsive to communications from the American people, and overseeing the 170-some agencies of the executive branch. Thankfully, after decades of institutional decline, Congress is finally taking steps to

Vague law foments debate over USPS parcel pricing

There’s been quite the hullabaloo raging over the U.S. Postal Service’s (USPS) pricing of parcels. President Donald J. Trump started a volley in late December 2017 by tweeting….(Read more)

We might actually get budget reform this year

This past week, Congress held another hearing on budget reform. Two former budget committee chairmen, Leon Panetta and David Obey, both testified. They lamented the current state of congressional budgeting and identified aspects of the 1974 Budget Act that discourage fiscally responsible and timely annual budgeting. Readers might be tempted to shrug this off

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