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Should we expand the House of Representatives — the Founders thought so

Are you one of the 77 percent of Americans who disapprove of the job Congress is doing? Well, some very smart people have a solution for you: We need to add more politicians to Washington. Funny, right? But once you finish snickering and actually think hard about the idea, it

Congress can prevent another Jan. 6 by updating a key elections law

The American public does not tend to think highly of Congress. Gallup’s historical poll shows public approval of our national legislature has hovered around 20 percent over the past decade. Very rarely have more than half of John and Jane Q. Public given the thumbs-up to the first branch of

One congressional committee is rejecting partisanship to protect state votes

Jan. 6, 2021, was a very bad day for our nation. A mob gathered on Capitol Hill. Some of them erected gallows. Others smashed onlooking journalists’ cameras and equipment. Still, others flew Confederate battle flags, the banner of mid-19th century southern insurrectionists. Then the crowd assaulted police officers and broke

Fixing Congress requires fixing how it legislates

How should Congress work? If you put that question to the average American, the answer would go something like this: Legislators are elected to represent states and districts all over the country. These elected officials have different ideas about what government should do. Any one of them can introduce a

The budget wreck is Congress’ fault — and yours

Despite being in Washington, D.C. for nearly 20 years, I sometimes feel like Alice who has fallen down the rabbit hole into a crazy place where words are used in ways that don’t make sense anywhere else. Take the word, “budget.” To the average American, it connotes the exercise of

Election reform in the states is not all doom and gloom

Throughout 2021, many media and progressive thinkers have propagated a distressing narrative around state elections: GOP state legislators and governors in the grips of a “stolen election myth” are ramming through policies to quash access to the ballot. Democracy is being crushed, they lament…. (Read more)

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