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Fixing Congress requires fixing how it legislates

How should Congress work? If you put that question to the average American, the answer would go something like this: Legislators are elected to represent states and districts all over the country. These elected officials have different ideas about what government should do. Any one of them can introduce a

The budget wreck is Congress’ fault — and yours

Despite being in Washington, D.C. for nearly 20 years, I sometimes feel like Alice who has fallen down the rabbit hole into a crazy place where words are used in ways that don’t make sense anywhere else. Take the word, “budget.” To the average American, it connotes the exercise of

Election reform in the states is not all doom and gloom

Throughout 2021, many media and progressive thinkers have propagated a distressing narrative around state elections: GOP state legislators and governors in the grips of a “stolen election myth” are ramming through policies to quash access to the ballot. Democracy is being crushed, they lament…. (Read more)

Stopping the Fentanyl scourge means securing the border and our mail

Comedian Kate Quigley is out of the hospital and recovering from a suspected overdose of cocaine and Fentanyl. She was lucky. Her fellow laugh-makers, Fuquan Johnson and Enrico Colangeli, died from the same mix that was allegedly shared at the Venice Beach, Calif., party. Quigley’s friend, Natalie Williamson, also succumbed….

Congress needs to revive itself

Something surprising happened on the floor of the House this week. Representative Don Young, a Republican from Alaska, was supposed to rise and swear in Nancy Pelosi to be leader of the chamber, and then sit down. Instead, the longest serving member of the House chose another course of action.

House must take the first step to modernize how Congress works

House Democrats soon will meet to organize the chamber for the new session of Congress that starts in January. There are many decisions to be made like deciding who will be the Speaker of the House and who will serve in the other top roles. House Democrats also will scrum

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