The Washington Examiner

New York City mayoral race shows ranked-choice voting works

Ranked-choice voting passed another big test in New York City. Around 800,000 New Yorkers voted in last week’s Democratic mayoral primary. Now as the final vote tallies come in, despite city officials’ mishandling of the vote tally, we can see that critics’ worst fears about this voting system were needless.

Cronyism charges jump the shark

If I had a dollar for every time the words “crony” and “cronyism” appear in print these days, well, I’d be flush. When I plugged those terms into Nexis, the database warned me it would take a while to tally the thousands of media stories from the past few years

Yes, the Government Can Open Your Mail Without a Warrant

By law, first-class mail is sealed against inspection, meaning that government officials may not open it without first getting a warrant from a judge. A citizen would be forgiven for imagining that this law ensures his or her mail is private, but that’s not quite true. For one thing, other

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