When it comes to elections reforms, the left are the ones busting norms

Source: RealClearPolicy.com.

It has become commonplace among the political left to call out the political right for breaking democratic norms. “The Republican Party Is Radicalizing Against Democracy,” as MSNBC’s Chris Hayes recently put it. Their accusations run the gamut. They say Republicans are imposing minority rule by using the filibuster to block Democratic legislation. They portray the right’s anxieties about illegal immigration levels as veiled racism, and portray the right’s efforts to decrease the number of abortions is an un-democratic attack on reproductive freedom. The left has accused the Grand Old Party of assaulting the U.S. Postal Service in hopes of “crippling it” so that it can sell it off to private firms. And when the political right uses populist and religious language, that too, they proclaim, is symptomatic of its lurch towards authoritarianism…. (Read more)

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