Why I like voting by mail

It has been a few years since I queued up at a polling place, and I am the happier for it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a sucker for the pageantry: citizen volunteers man polling places; activists outside hand out flyers in hopes of swinging votes; I get a little sticker to wear proudly on my chest. I love it all.

But I am a busy guy, with a full-time job and four kids. So, in recent years, I have opted to vote by mail. Why do I like it? Because it is wildly convenient. I don’t have to vote on a particular date. I can drop my ballot in the mailbox any date up to the election.

Voting by mail enables me to better deliberate. I open the ballot, look at the choices, and then I can ponder for days. I can supplement the somewhat-helpful voter guide by searching online, and I can discuss candidates and issues with friends and family….(Read more)

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