Appeared in the Johnnie Walker whisky documentary, The Man Who Walked Around the World (2020).

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Editor and founder, (Since 1998)

Author, Moonshine: A Global History (Reaktion, 2017).

Author, Whiskey: A Global History (Reaktion, 2010).

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Co-Founder/Co-Editor/Writer, Bully Magazine, 1998-2003 (with Ken Wohlrob)

“Consolidating for a Better Tomorrow: Memorandum to Employees,” Bully Magazine, July 30, 1998.

“Come to Chicago…” (with Sean D. Huntington) The Plague, 1995.

“Fear, Loathing, Booze, But Mostly Fear in Atlantic City,” (with Sean D. Huntington) The Plague, 1995.

“Fear and Loathing in Las Quantas Physicas,” The Plague, 1994.

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