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What’s going on with ranked choice votin

What’s going on with ranked choice voting in Utah? A Q&A with Derek Monson

Utah is a very conservative state. Its two senators and four House members are Republicans, as are its governor and attorney general. The GOP holds majorities in both the state’s legislative chambers. The right has been in charge for decades. The state prides itself in running elections that make it easy to vote and hard to cheat. […]

How did James Madison think about congre...

How did James Madison think about congressional elections? A Q&A with Jay Cost

The significance of James Madison’s contributions to creating our representative democracy cannot be overstated. He saw the troubles of the first union as a member of the Congress of the Confederation. He was a major player at the Constitutional Convention, and wrote the Federalist Papers to get the new federal charter ratified. Subsequently, Madison helped […]

Did states’ 2020 election adaptations du

Did states’ 2020 election adaptations during the pandemic affect turnout? A Q&A with Zachary Courser

States adjusted their election administration procedures during the 2020 election in response to the pandemic. Among other adaptions, they expanded the use of absentee ballots, added drop boxes, and instituted various cleaning and social distancing procedures to increase the odds that virus-wary Americans would feel safe casting their ballots. Did these changes appreciably affect turnout, […]

Four things to look for in the upcoming ...

Four things to look for in the upcoming Alaska special election for Congress

Primary season continues, and this Saturday Alaska will hold a special congressional election to fill the seat of the late Don Young (R). He spent 49 years in the House and rarely faced a serious challenger. But this year’s election is different from previous primaries. The state is holding this primary and its regular congressional […]

Why more Americans should visit the offi...

Why more Americans should visit the offices of members of Congress

Recently, I conducted an informal survey. I asked 10 friends and professional colleagues whether they had ever visited the office of their member of Congress. Not a single one of them had. I was not surprised: Until I went to work for Congress in my early 30s, I had not visited a legislator or his […]

Requiring majority winners for congressi...

Requiring majority winners for congressional elections: A Q&A with Ned Foley

Most elections for Congress feature a general election with a Democrat and a Republican who previously were picked by partisan primaries. These first-past-the-post elections present voters with a singular choice: Pick the Democratic candidate or the Republican candidate. This limited choice is becoming increasingly problematic for Americans as fewer and fewer of them much like either of […]