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One thing Congress can do to help save t...

One thing Congress can do to help save the U.S. Postal Service

The U.S. Postal Service lost $1 billion last quarter, according to the agency’s most recent financial report. This is particularly distressing news because this red ink came during the holidays’ peak mailing season.  The losses stem partly from inflation driving up operating costs: Gasoline, worker compensation and just about everything costs more. The bigger problem was […]

Can the U.S. Postal Service survive in t...

Can the U.S. Postal Service survive in the 21st Century?

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) reported delivering 11.7 billion mailpieces and packages over the recent December holidays. Its delivery time averaged a mere 2.5 days, an improvement on last year’s 2.7-day delivery time. The Postal Service delivers to 163 million addresses scattered over the country’s 3.7 million square miles, as well as to Puerto Rico, […]

The one crucial thing Congress is missin...

The one crucial thing Congress is missing with its postal reform

The Senate is set to pass legislation as soon as today to bolster the U.S. Postal Service’s flagging finances. The measure was supported by Democrats and Republicans and will then head to President Joe Biden’s desk, having already cleared the House in February. Securing any bipartisan agreement in this town is a rare event, worthy […]

1 cheer for postal reform

1 cheer for postal reform

This week, the House of Representatives voted to advance postal reform legislation by 342 to 92. That Democrats and Republicans alike could vote, in an election year, no less, for H.R. 3076 is praiseworthy. Postal reform is rare; only two significant postal reform bills have been enacted in the past half-century. Moreover, this usually drab issue has become […]