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Biden’s administrative state erases Trum

Biden’s administrative state erases Trump’s deregulatory initiatives

The Biden administration proposed more than eight hundred new regulations in its first four months in office. These new rules, which will have the force of law if adopted, were issued by seventy-nine different agencies, from the Agency for International Development to the Workers Compensation Programs Office. The three most prolific of the bunch were […]

Could Kamala Harris Steal the 2024 Elect...

Could Kamala Harris Steal the 2024 Election for Biden — Or Herself?

I had fun writing this piece. Of course, the odds of such are scenario are very long—not least because midterms tend to be cruel to the incumbent party, and the Democrats hold a very narrow majority. But the point was to illustrate that the Electoral Count Act is flawed—and a confluence of events could lead […]

The Postal Service is a spy-op now

The Postal Service is a spy-op now

Why is the U.S. Postal Service (USPIS) reading Americans’ social media posts? Now there’s a question for someone to ask Biden administration Press Secretary Jen Psaki. The news broke this week when someone leaked a “Situational Awareness Bulletin” to Yahoo News. Dated March 16, 2021, this two-page “intelligence summary” reported that USPIS’s Internet Covert Operations Program […]

The left’s hypocrisy on elections result

The left’s hypocrisy on elections results denial

Ever since November 2020, the political Left has been pounding on the political Right for failing to respect the outcomes of elections. This charge they add to a whole litany of criticisms of conservatives as breakers of the norms of democracy and nascent authoritarians. Former President Donald Trump fed this narrative by, well, denying that […]

Why the GOP likely won’t run Trump in 20

Why the GOP likely won’t run Trump in 2024

Conservatives have a love-hate relationship with the Republican Party. The reason is straightforward: the Grand Old Party (GOP) frequently disappoints them. The media regularly complains that Republicans have been radicalized and are governing from the far right; conservatives not so much….(Read more)